What is Gadget Luxe?

Gadget Luxe is a blog about luxury technology.

As technology races forwards, Gadget Luxe is the ultimate filter
Covering product design, quality, performance and ease-of-use, Gadget Luxe simply concentrates on the finer things in life. You won’t find any ugly inventions, cheap imitations or lacklustre kit. Snobbish? Perhaps, but we believe life is too short to battle with a cheap iPhone dock or put up with seeing your favourite film on a TV which, while technically impressive, disappoints you every time guests visit and secretly gaze at the chunky, plastic screen which dominates the room.

Gadget Luxe covers all forms of technology
We’re not just about traditional consumer electronics hardware. If a product can produce a smile by design, it’s in – whether it’s a new razor, overnight bag or amazing pencil, we’re interested. We’ve divided articles into categories which tell you where you’ll use each product to make things simple – lounge or car, bedroom or kitchen, garden or games room.

Only the best writers appear on Gadget Luxe
Gadget Luxe is produced by writers who have written for the national press, specialist technology magazines and style bibles. We aim to produce quality editorial and photography with analysis, opinion and the kind of information you really need to know about before making a purchase. We won’t baffle you with jargon either.

Editor: Chris Haslam   chris@gadgetluxe.co.uk


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