Spielberg’s chef reveals secret of Cannes kitchen tech


Nearing 100 years in the business, Electrolux invited Gadget Luxe to the Cannes Film Festival to see what the main festival sponsor was doing for the event. Tasked with cooking for the 2013 jury which is headed up by Steven Spielberg, as well as the opening gala dinner, chef Bruno Oger seemed calm and happy to be part of the festival. “For me, it’s the biggest dinner of the year in France” admits Oger, who has two Michelin stars and has previously won the Best French Chef Of The Year Award. The opening gala dinner was created by Oger and Anne-Sophie Pic who holds three Michelin stars and was also named the Best Female Chef by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2011. “I’m looking forward to the food and not getting wet” joked Spielberg as he entered the Electrolux Agora pavilion for the opening gala dinner, fighting the changeable weather in Cannes.

The Agora pavilion played host to press and stars alike and overlooked the beach on one side and clamoring media and star spotters on the other, situated opposite the Majestic hotel, the celebrity HQ of the festival. A smaller glass house beside the Agora pavilion housed the chef’s table with 14 seats for the jury and visiting hungry stars from Jade Jagger to Justin Timberlake.


Inside the main Agora pavilion chef Paulo Petternuzzo (above) from London’s Hibiscus restaurant cooked for Gadget Luxe using the Electrolux Grand Cusine system, designed for professional home chefs or amateurs want to take steps to create food worthy of a Michelin star. At around £55,000 for the entire system including installation and an introduction from a professional chef, it’s not for the cast of Come Dine With Me but rather an investment in your hobby. The chef is on call for the duration of your ownership and they’ll also cook an introductory meal for you and your friends, setting the high water mark for your future dinner parties.

The oven includes a conventional heat and a steam cooking system and can divide both methods inside the single oven. A USB socket allows future chef recipe timings to be downloaded too. Pettternuzzo cooked a risotto using the Gran Cusine system using the Surround Induction Zone and a wok. The water reached boiling point in 45 seconds but the heat is transferred via a ring that holds the wok, ensuring an even heat and, amazingly, a cool underside as soon as the wok or pan is removed. Above the oven, the Blast Chiller can chill a bottle of wine or sealed food in just 3 seconds which Petternuzzo says takes 30 minutes using a conventional fridge.


The Precision Vacuum Sealer seals food and liquids in seconds, aiding sous-vide cooking and preserves colour, taste and food life. The system is used in the Hibiscus test kitchen and Petternuzzo explained that it saves time when dealing with complex meals and allows him to prepare elements of a meal in the morning for the evening.


This mixer is able to cope with mixing ice cream, kneading dough and the attachments allow you to create exclusive pasta shapes. Perhaps most impressively, the mixer is almost silent.



The key benefit of the sear hob is even heat across the surface and the hob allows flavours to stay separate. Fish, meat and vegetables can be placed directly onto the easy clean chrome surface. You’ll need less oil when cooking and the hob can even cook meats frozen via the Blast Chiller.

The Grand Cusine system is on sale now and delivery time is currently six to eight weeks – you can find out at more at www.grandcusine.com. Thanks to Nikon for providing a Nikon Coolpix A camera for the gallery below.




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