REVIEW: Hoover 2

The concept is simple yet sci-fi.  Hoover has invented a disc shaped robot that cleans your home on its own, mapping your living space via sensors and sucking up dirt, after coating your floor in UV light to kill bugs.

The idea is that the little cleaner roams your rooms and remembers where furniture is. The process of remembering where objects were took a few hour long attempts in our home but, once furniture and walls are remembered, the 2 never forgets. It even remembers where it lives, automatically connecting to a small charge dock when it’s done.

The negative points? The 2 can’t fly, sadly,  so stairs are out and there’s a hell of a mess if the 2 is confronted by shoe laces and trails on rugs. It eats them noisily. The 2 will slide under sofas but gets stuck in its enthusiasm to eat your discarded and unseen foodstuffs  – if the gap is big enough to approach, the 2 will go in but become wedged from above and power down, like a hibernating tortoise. We can’t imagine that pets would like the 2 either, though the average noise level (less than a normal cleaner but sill audible over TV) means that it’s probably best shut in a single room at a time. This means that the concept of the 2 cleaning your home while you are at work is a bit of a myth – we needed to transplant the 2 from room to room and playfully adopt the remote control option to clean the whole house.


Flaws aside, the results shamed our full size vacuum cleaner – carpets and wooden floors looked much cleaner than using  a traditional cleaner. There’s a lot to be said for an intense 30 minute clean of a lounge or large bedroom. The £399 price tag isn’t absurd and for those with large, flat open spaces, we can see the benefits. Kids will love the 2 too and the effort of moving the 2 around can happily be integrated into your weekend clean while you tackle the bathroom. It’s just a shame that we haven’t discovered a fully automated cleaning system which does the hard work when you’re not in…


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