REVIEW: Edifier Spinnaker sound system offers home cinema sound for small spaces

Aiming for people who seek a new iPhone or smartphone dock as well as those movie buffs who want bigger sound for their cinematic love-ins, Edifier has taken a bold step with the Spinnaker system.

Two good sized horn style speakers connect to each other and wirelessly receive music via Bluetooth so practically any modern smartphone or tablet works with the Spinnaker. No charging, no remote, just direct control from your smartphone. Happily the cables are kept discreet too – the silver plinth that offers balance also hides the cable behind itself. An egg cup sized volume control can be charged via MicroUSB and sit near the speakers or placed within easy reach – either way, it’s nice enough to not upset the style of your TV set-up and looks more like a stylish kitchen gadget than a remote. Rotate the remote from above and you control the volume and the build quality is reassuringly solid, a real departure from many iPod dock systems in the price range. There’s also digital optical and 3.5mm cables included for connecting your Sky box, Blu-ray player or old fashioned iPod too.

The sponge base of each speaker means they can be placed on a desk or the floor easily without any scuffs and a nice bass response – if there’s one thing the Spinnaker system offers beyond anything, it’s heavy bass. Volume isn’t the highest but will fill a small to medium sized room with ease, though it’s the sonic detail and delicate stereo balance that beats similarly priced iPod docks.

Placed on the floor, the knee height tip of the speakers blink blue once connected and provide a decent sound range, firing towards your ears, unlike an iPod dock placed at ground level. Playing Change Can Happen by The Bees, the delicate percussion and trumpets are handled well and vocals sit at centre stage, where they should be. When playing louder rock, you can hear a rasp during the vocals of Eddie Vedder in Even Flow and the electric fuzz becomes difficult to follow but not impossible, despite the roar of the bass. Given 20 Years by The Civil Wars, the piano sections are rich and carry haunting emotion where other systems overpower the track with thin tone and high level hiss.

It’s an ideal TV and home cinema system for £329  - we can’t think of a dock which reaches the detail and stereo effect at the price. Surround speakers will do the job just as well, but an entry level amp and speakers starts at £800. Vocals and music from terrestrial TV sounds neutral and relaxed while films dig up decent detail for the money. Musically, it’s excellent – it rivals many £500 docks to boot.


Balanced, detailed and delicate, the Edifier Spinnaker isn’t a party machine. Designed for modest lounges, you’ll get a great sound from a smartphone and plenty of bass grunt in movies while vocals remain centre stage. At £329, it’s a simply a stunning system.




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