REVIEW: AOC debut 21:9 cinema style monitor for work and play

The AOC Q2963PM ‘multi play’ monitor from is designed for your PC or Mac but, as you can see, looks extra wide and eye-catching at the same time, considering this is a monitor we’re talking about. The draw is that 21:9 ratio is the correct cinema format – ie, you can enjoy films without those black bars when you watch a film in native format on your normal TV.

Philips released a ’21:9’  TV a few years ago without much success outside of film buffs who opted for home projectors instead. In the world of desktop monitors, the format has seen more success, perhaps because the 29” screen does away with the need for a two screen set-up for office workers who need to look at two panes of activity at once. A webpage and a Word doc, for example.

The AOC Q2963PM is slim and comes mounted on a stand which arcs forward, so the monitor appears to float. There’s speakers at the back and decent inputs – VGA, HDMI and the ability to flick between multiple sources and display them on the same screen.

Hooked up to a Mac and PlayStation 3, first impressions were based around the impressive colour and detail in games like Gran Turismo 5. There’s a game setting and output over HDMI challenges most modern TVs, especially given that the actual footprint of the monitor suits most desks. Using the screen for work, we needed to spend a few minutes with the easy settings on the monitor and briefly used the set-up disc. Selecting the automatic ‘browsing’ or ‘gaming’ modes gives instant results but for photo and video work, you can tweak away to a deep level of geeky satisfaction. The resolution can be cranked up to 2560 x 1080 pixels. The AOC Q2963PM even works with compatible tablets and smartphones and can charge them too.


For gamers with the need for a decent screen in the spare room or home office, it’s a large and affordable display with genuinely great results for PC and console games. For the money, it’s sleek enough to be your main screen in the lounge should you become addicted to the glorious 21:9 ratio. The AOC Q2963PM costs £356 and is available now. Find at more at




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