NEWS: Sony reveal new floating lens tech and giant NEX 5R lens

The NEX 5R is the latest iteration of the landmark Sony NEX 5 compact system camera that managed DSLR skills in a compact camera case, using DSLR E mount lenses.

The latest innovation is a powered telephoto lens (below) that dwarfs the small camera but is ideal for video and long distance motion shots of sports and wildlife. The E PZ18-200mm lens will go on sale in April and offers 0.35x magnification and a zoom lever on the barrel of the lens for smooth video or dramatic Hollywood style zooms if you’ve seen cop show Southland and fancy yourself as a budding documentary movie maker.

Gadget Luxe spent a day at Sony UK HQ and also tested the ‘floating lens’ technology (above) which it will now use in camcorder technology. The idea is that the lens, which visibly floats within the camera bobbing up and down as your hand shakes, will help steady your shot because, well, not everyone carries a tripod around with them. The technology will form the ‘Balanced Optical Steady Shot’ stickers you’ll see on new products. During the demo, the process proved effective against older models and Sony say that it compensates for 13 times more shake than previous Sony cameras.

The Sony NEX 5R is available now and costs £469

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