NEWS: Samsung Galaxy Camera is the ultimate city break companion

Samsung invited Gadget Luxe to take a look at their 2012 line-up of unreleased autumn gadgets at IFA,  Europe’s biggest gadget show,  in Berlin this week. Alongside the predicted range of new phones and tablets was a surprise – the Galaxy Camera, an Android enabled snapper with a compact DSLR worrying 16 megapixel sensor and 21x zoom lens.

The idea is that the slim camera delivers high quality DSLR functions alongside the usual raft of social network and image apps on your smartphone – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all pre installed and the 4.8 inch Super HD screen controls all of the options and menus. There’s even voice control and standard Android apps, so you can check the weather and use Google Maps if you’re near a wi-fi network.

At £399, the October launch will be aiming to appeal to a camera fan who wants ease-of-use but all the high-end features of a DSLR or compact system camera like the landmark Sony NEX 5. The addition of Android and wi-fi means uploading snaps and even editing them via powerful apps is now easy and – importantly – you won’t need to take a laptop on your holiday to show the world your high-quality snaps. You could even send photos directly to HP’s online photo printing service Snapfish and have your holiday photos delivered before you return home.

The same is possible via the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone of course, but the results are nowhere near the quality of the images we captured when playing with the demo model of the Galaxy Camera. If you download the free Dropbox app, all your images can be instantly backed up online over wi-fi too. Switching ISO levels and expert settings was easy via the simple scrolling interface and the on-screen explanations of complex terms could really help you become a better photographer. It’s an original idea from Samsung with brilliant execution and a highly competitive price tag for the feature set…

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