NEWS: Samsung Eco Home boat hides cleaning robot and mini bar freezer

Home appliances aren’t always the most exciting of gadgets to look at but last night at St Katherine’s Dock in London, Samsung redefined what we expected from humble home gadgets and created an eco home of the future – on a boat.

Each of the floors were packed with robots that clean your house, intelligent ovens and freezers with external LED displays. A Table Talk chef cooked some salmon with cider and spinach for Gadget Luxe before we explored what each floor had to offer in a night that blurred Saturday Kitchen with Grand Designs. Take a look at the floor plans in the gallery below…

Dual Cook ovens

The Dual Cook range of Samsung ovens showed how salmon could be cooked in the top oven, alongside a steam setting for spinach in the same space, with a heat proof divide. Brilliantly, there’s no transfer of smell either – handy for cooking main meals and desserts at the same time. The Speed Ovens from Samsung feature 5 sources of heat – two convection heaters alongside a double grill and a microwave at the rear. If you want to brown your chicken, it’s the quickest in-home solution. The ceramic hobs with LED data displays have more in common with your iPhone than your old oven…

Robot cleaners

The Navibot S is a robotic vacuum cleaner that wants to be your friend. Using a camera to analyse your home and packing a remote control if you want to take over, it’s a little bit of company for your weekly cleaning routine. Simply set it going and the little piece of gadget joy heads back to the charge point and empties itself. Charge for 3 hours and you’ll get 100 minutes of hassle-free cleaning: the disc based design is small enough to slide under sofas – it’s just 80mm high.

Mini bar freezer

LED lights, power freeze modes and ice makers are all part of the fun of the Tall Twin One Door Samsung freezer range that can be joined with another unit to create a mega-freezer. Better still, you never need to defrost it thanks to the air flow circulation control and a humidity controlled drawer for vegetables. Our favourite features? The Brita water filter, ice maker and mini bar. Simply fill a drawer with water, wait, then twist the handle to get fresh ice, Mister Frosty style. The mini bar section is designed for bottles and features a rapid chill mode. The 7 inch touch screen of the Style range even has a calendar app and tells the fridge when to power down – when you’re on holiday, for example. The 3-door G series (below) is the show stopper…

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