NEWS: Philips unveil Jamie Oliver HomeCooker at Fifteen, Shoreditch

Philips invited Gadget Luxe to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen studio kitchen this week, tucked above his flagship Fifteen restaurant in Shoreditch which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

We had a chance to look at the latest in the line of Jamie’s kitchen gadgets but rather than an endorsed range of knives or novel inventions like the Flavour Shaker, the latest addition produced by Phillips is a fully fledged cooking system.

The HomeCooker is designed as a device to prepare food and cook dishes with the least amount of hassle and washing, designed for budding (but impatient) chefs who have little time to watch over hobs and oven timings. The ‘one pot’ solution can stir, steam, sauté, melt, simmer, stew, boil and fry whilst cooking unattended. It’s ideal for slow cooked dishes but makes curry and risotto recipes simple – an additional £100 cutting tower allows you to feed ingredients without the need for a chopping board. The rotating base runs at one speed and the whole process is remarkably simple. Fifteen chef Georgie took us through a whole cooked breakfast process, using egg, sausage and vegetables in the HomeCooker and the results were impressive. Georgie pointed out the ease of use on the small kitchen surface and it’s clear that, regardless of benefit in the home, the sheer speed and automated process is handy for restaurant chefs.

Developed by Philips’ research and development base in Austria with Jamie Oliver, it’s obvious that convenience and speed was a prime concern. As a side note, Jamie believed Philips to be a UK company after passing a Philips office during his early career and commute from Essex, until the initial talks revealed Philips’ Dutch heritage. The convenience factor ties in with his push to use fresh ingredients and cut down on processed food in the home. At £250, it’s not a cheap solution but for students, holiday homes and ‘time poor’ professionals, it’s a brilliant use of space and it’s actually fun to use too. A recent demo at the IFA consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin saw Jamie prepare a curry from scratch in under 10 minutes – almost the time it takes to prepare and cook a microwave meal. If you need a helping hand in the kitchen and want something that’s likely to be used more than a bread maker (and not be banished to a cupboard for years) the HomeCooker could just be the new toy you’re looking for…

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