NEWS: Caffeine cool made easy with the Krups EA9000

Once you decide to spend over £1000 on a machine that makes coffee, you’re going to demand something that looks the part as well as something that can deliver your coffee at speed,  without asking if you would like a muffin or a loyalty card.

The £1299 Krups EA9000 has a colour display rather than a two tone LED display, instantly giving a high-tech appearance. There’s an equally geek friendly Favourites menu which stores four of your favourite drinks and preferences. You don’t need to wash the milk nozzle either – always the disappointingly manual cleaning task of many coffee machines. The auto-rinse feature is a winner and the tech claims don’t stop there. A ‘Compact Thermoblock’ system apparently offers optimum temperature for each cup, whatever that means –  we’re just happy that we don’t need to fiddle with the nozzle and burn ourselves like a trainee barista.

The overall design is sleek and minimal – even the display sits at an angle. Intriguingly, the EA9000 can make coffee from ground coffee as well as beans, in case you can’t find your favourite bean boutique before your next caffeine fix. Finally, the EA900 makes the usual espresso and cappuccino but goes further than most and offers ristretto too. What is a ristretto? A short espresso, favoured by coffee purists who want an eye bulging injection of their favourite substance. Store that nugget for your next dinner party…

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