NEWS: Maroo launch Kaimata tablet stand for Olympics viewing at work

iPad and Android tablets can easily be used as second screens on your desk, either connected to your laptop or as independent drones, simply offering a handy screen for incoming emails while you use your main screen for ‘proper’ work, or anything away from email or Facebook at least. Importantly, BBC iPlayer means your tablet is a sneaky way of watching the Olympics at the home (or work) office. The Maroo Kaimata stand is a clever solution that gives you tablet viewing at any angle. Yes, it’s simple but it’s genuinely useful. If you consider your tablet as a fun gadget, this stand suddenly makes it a workplace essential – once you’ve tried two screens, you rarely go back.

Simply slot a tablet into the Maroo Kaimata and you can use your tablet like a TV or a proof-reading second screen for work via a simple app such as DisplayLink for iPad which works with all PCs. There’s many Android tablet app equivalents though Apple charge iPad owners when linking with a Mac computer.

The base of the unit is large enough to hold keys, USB sticks and coins – it’s our new must-have desk toy. The Maroo Kaimata is available now via Amazon for £39.99.

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