NEWS: The ideal hi-fi speaker for apartments arrives

Spendor D1 002

The Spendor D1 speakers are born from a UK company which has refined a design originally conceived in a BBC engineering department during the sixties. The retro look and feel is part of the appeal but the audio technology underneath the wood is next-generation in terms of speaker size versus sheer scale and, in this case, unexpected bass. At £1795 from, the Spendor D1s are an ideal match for capable yet micro sized hi-fi from brands such as Bel Canto or Naim who both produce an impressive line of CD and streaming hi-fi small enough to fit on a home office desk or within the smallest of lounges. Available in dark ebony or white, they sit well within a traditional lounge, modern home office or even a sun-kissed LA garden pod.

Designed to offer balanced sound on a bookshelf or tight against a wall, there’s clear thought in the design around the potential buyer. Dedicated audiophile stands are available (£595) but it’s the freedom to place these speakers anywhere and enjoy great sound that makes them a winner. If you thought the last word in apartment audio was Sonos, prepare to be told otherwise.

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