NEWS: iChic cases beat Apple Smart Covers for style

Tim Cook from Apple recently said that the iPad was ‘replacing pen and paper all over the world’ and while we can’t help think that’s a slight exaggeration, there’s a couple of covers and accessories that make your iPad a smarter and more practical tablet than one with a Apple Smart Cover.

iChic has created a range of covers which offer double-sided fabric and leather casing for the Bejing cover (below) and a brilliant tweed and plastic casing for the Oxford version (above). If you want to make a statement in a meeting or simply want a cover that doesn’t slip off or leaves your iPad vulnerable in autumn weather, they’re £45 well spent.

The Calligrapher stylus pen (£25) is a decent companion too, acting as a normal pen at one end and a stylus pen at the opposite end. The rubber head isn’t an eraser, it’s a handy pointer for sketching or handwriting iPad apps as well as basic navigation which avoids fingerprints during that working lunch…

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