NEWS: Edifier Spinnaker sound system offers striking sonic fins

The concept is simple, the execution is stunning. Standing just 16.5 inches tall, each pair of Edifier Spinnaker speakers comes complete with a palm-sized control hub and remote. Ideal for the bedside table and, well, anywhere you want to hear music and create a talking point. The speakers are small enough to perch on a windowsill and scare local cats, resembling shark fins or the latest in avant garde architecture, depending on your phobias and world travels.

Simply pass music via your Bluetooth enabled phone. computer or tablet to the speaker system and enjoy without an amplifier, hi-fi or bulky dock system. Like the foxL speaker, the Edifier Spinnaker will do a decent job of embarrassing your TV sound too.

The speaker design actively cancels out sound distortion and the wider footprint allows a downward firing bass port, so the speaker system isn’t tinny and weak. Three amplifiers inside the speakers drive the mid-range, bass and treble and avoid distortion which can plague speakers of this size. Connections go beyond Bluetooth options – you can plug in a standard 3.5mm headphone cable from your TV or existing radio and the digital optical input offers the ultimate in sound transfer from your TV, Blu-ray or games console.

The Edifier Spinnaker speakers are now available in the Apple store and leading UK retailers for £329.99.



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