NEWS: Denon creates luxury AirPlay bubble dock, makes iPhone arty

So many iPod docks follow the Bose design template of looking like smart, rectangular electric heaters, offering a wall of sound but no individual style. There’s exceptions, of course, but micro hi-fi specialist Denon has created a dock that goes arty from the start. The Cocoon Home is a substantial upgrade over entry-level docks and many budget micro hi-fi systems.

The Cocoon Home sucks music from your iPhone via Apple AirPlay but is equally at home with Android smartphones and tablets thanks to a custom Denon app. The twist is that the Cocoon Home has internet radio built-in and after you’ve introduced it to your Wi-Fi network, global or local stations from all over the UK are yours to select.

“Connectivity, ease of set-up, intuitive use and wireless audio streaming are important for potential buyers at the moment”, says Richard van der Avoird, Product Manager for Sound Systems at Denon. The move is a key change for Denon and they’ve even made a smaller, rechargeable model which offers up to 5 hours of wireless audio playback. The Cocoon Portable is made of different materials to avoid water and sand, making it ideal for outdoor use. Want a new companion for that eco outdoor office made of wood and glass? This is it.

Both models cost £499 and are available now.

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