NEWS: Samsung S9 4K TV on sale at Selfridges

Just as a recent statement from Samsung shows a 42% rise in income for the first few months of 2013, the Korean electronics giant has launched a flagship TV in the UK this week, the first ‘ultra high definition’ Samsung TV with 4K resolution.

The Samsung UHD 4K S9 TV costs £34,999 in Selfridges London and is an 85 inch model with a supporting frame. The arrival follows a similar launch for Sony’s 4K TV technology last year, while Sony has since introduced a smaller, and more affordable, 4K TV alongside a 4K film download service in the US. You can ready more on that in our report direct from Sony’s UK HQ.

The S9 uses ‘Smart Evolution’ technology which is an effort to future-proof this bleeding edge set for technology fans requiring the ultimate in TV resolution . Richard Jones, Technology Buyer for Selfridges says “the quality and definition breaks new boundaries in the world of HD TV”.

Of course, the big question around 4K technology is whether the general consumer understands the huge increase in definition and whether it’s enough of a jump from standard ‘1080p’ HD. There’s a raft of sonic benefits if you have the right hardware and, as the gap between cinema screens and home entertainment has become closer, 4K is the technology which finally proves that home movies can beat the cinema screen experience via TV or projector, as long as you have the money to spend on achieving cinematic nirvana. 4K content is huge in terms of data and while Sky is trialling 4K filming at Wimbledon this year but, there’s an interesting debate about how 4K content reaches people. 4K can be delivered on large Blu Ray discs but in an age of iTunes and Netflix, the future of Blu Ray players looks uncertain. 4K movie content is huge and you’ll need a super fat broadband connection to even think about downloading films and, even then, in the UK at least, you’ll probably need to do it overnight…

You can take a look at the S9 in Selfridges from today…

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