5 Christmas gadget gifts for the modern gentleman

Every man was once a boy and what was once a natural fascination with toys is now an evolved fascination with gadgets and technology. The step from Fisher Price to Bang & Olufsen may be more of a stride but it’s the same emotion and satisfaction underneath.

The key difference is that we have to pretend that gadgets are not toys and definitely not mechanisms to be played with, adored and coveted like digital delicacies that can only truly be enjoyed in private. We have to make a case for our gift request carefully. The less convincing case we make for the practical use of the gadget we lust after, the less likely we are to open the boxfresh marvel on Christmas day. And nobody wants that truffle tasting experience in Belgium over a Wii U do they?

Here’s five of our most wanted Christmas gifts, alongside the excuses to get what you want…

Naim UnitiLite

What to say when asking…
“We won’t need another hi-fi – ever – and it will make the neighbours jealous”

This sleek one box hi-fi has a lot going for it. Proper hi-fi sound, the ability to handle CD playback and accept recording studio quality FLAC files from a wireless NAS hard drive or your laptop. The excellent iPhone app makes controlling the UnitiLite a joy and internet radio is an experience truly enhanced by a system like this. You’ll need to budget for a pair of speakers around half the price of the Naim UnitiLite to do it justice but you’ll have a special system that will last for years.

Naim UnitiLite price: £1650


Nintendo Wii U

What to say when asking...
“There’s yoga games and it will be great for our NYE dinner party”

The original Wii might have descended into a mess of dance games and pony simulations but the Wii U is Nintendo’s first HD console and it oozes tech from every angle. There’s a pad with a giant touchscreen and a camera which threatens to act as a revolution against a games industry needing innovation to break the cycle of tired first person shooters and Angry Birds clones. One look at ZombiU and a blood splattered trip through the London underground opening level and you’ll be sold. Any console which steals your face and turns you into a member of the undead needs to be experienced.

Nintendo Wii U price: £299

Citizen Eco Drive Proximity watch

What to say when asking…
“It makes me look smart for work and I don’t want to miss the date nights I’m taking you on as my new year’s resolution”

Got an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 with Bluetooth 4.0? This clever timepiece lets you know when you’ve got a message, call or meeting. There’s no giant digital display or alarm however – a hand points to the relevant word for each alert. Plus, if you lose your watch, your iPhone can help you find it. It can’t attract bullets via a magnetic force field but it’s still suitably Bond-like…

Citizen Eco Drive Proximity price: £399


Beats Executive headphones

What to say when asking…
“They make me sleep better on my work trips and I don’t want to look like a sleepwalking mid-life crisis when I go to the west coast”

Dr Dre is behind these headphones – an adult friendly reboot of the original Beats Studio cans that teenagers and Olympians use because of the brilliant noise-cancelling skills. Flick a switch and battery powered silence surrounds you, alongside sonic tech designed to make the most of your tablet and smartphone music. The metal styling and comfortable cups are the icing on the cake. Dr Dre topped the Forbes rich list for musicians this year, earning double that of Taylor Swift or Macca – these headphones are the reason why…

Beats Executive price: £269


Samsung Galaxy Camera

What to say when asking…
“It’s cheaper than a DSLR and will take great holiday photos of us…”

It’s a camera with wi-fi skills and a fully blown Android operating system which means you can back-up 10,000 16 megapixel snaps instantly online with a complimentary Dropbox account – or Facebook or Twitter. The giant touchscreen explains how to use the advanced camera zoom and aperture functions and the custom editing app is great too. The Android apps available mean the potential can only grow and it’s the first camera to be capable of Google Maps. A great idea and great image performance to boot – makes your smartphone look like a disposable instant camera.

Samsung Galaxy price: £399

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